Because I was asked by so many of you, how do I do my levitation photos I decided to unveil the mystery and post the method, so anyone can easily use it and be creative <3.

Shortly, Levitation, or anti-gravity photos are done by merging of 2 images shoot in the same location, using Photoshop. Cloning out the supporting object beneath the subject won't give you a natural look, it will be a "photoshoped " image.

You'll need:

A digital camera, a tripod, a stool / chair or beer box, Photoshop :), remote (optional)


This part is the most challenging. The subject can have fun, or on the other hand can feel very uncomfortable or even be hurt while shooting. So please, SAFETY FIRST! Take great care that your subject is safe and will not fall due to lack of stand (stall, chair, box) stability.

So after making sure our stand is fixed, the most "natural" ways to lay/sit/stand on it by the subject is on his or her back, chest or abdomen.

Standing poses can be used as well, but for vertical levitation in standing position, unless sitting (ex. In Lotus Asana ) there is no need to use my depicted method. The subject can easily jump and shooting at short exposure time will do the job, and you skip the part with merging of 2 images.


With the camera fixed on o tripod, the first photo you'll shoot is with the subject (or you) on the stand, I will name it PIC1, and in the second one, you shoot the bare background shortly PIC2.

Part of your storytelling you choose the location, subject, clothing, makeup, light etc.. Light in photography it is very important, it is the photography :) However if you are going to the perfect shoot and chase a Blue or Golden Hour you have to be quick! Very quick! Because if you waste time, the light will be different in the 2 images and you will be having a hard time editing them in the same brightness and colour tone. Trust me, I've been there :)) It felt like mission impossible.

Shooting in Manual mode is essential. If you will use Auto shooting modes, it is most likely that your 2 photos will be from the category mentioned above as well.

Another tip that I am giving you (keeping this in mind would made my life much easier) is regarding water in background. If you have water elements in your image, as I have in my beach levitation photo, make sure it is not overlaying with the stand, or the element that you have to remove. Obviously this is because water will change appearance and believe me, you don't want to spend a few hours retouching in perfection every drop :))


I usually like to edit my 2 images in Lightroom. You need to have identical looking images ;) You can use the same Preset if find any that fits. I have maybe to many, and end up wasting so much time with no selection :)

Otherwise, or afterwards :) You open the first pic In Photoshop, Create a second layer and import the second pic.

Lowering the Opacity value of PIC1 will allow you to adjust the 2 backgrounds by rotating or moving it.

Use Mask and a Brush to take out the supporting object beneath the subject.

If you want to enhance the levitation appearance you can add additional shadow under the subject using a big size brush. You can additionally blend it in by Gaussian Bluring it. (Blur-> Gaussian Blur)

Enjoying: <3

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